Should I Yank These Out?

euarto_gullible(5)June 1, 2009

Anybody have any idea what's up with this Burpee Big Boy Hybrid? The top growth became stunted and then became speckled with purple. Is it a calcium deficiency? This is one of two sick plants in the garden that I'm contemplating replacing with extras.

I'm also wondering if I should yank this sickly Brandywine because I do have extra seedlings. I grew 12 Brandywines, and kept the 2 most vigorous plants, giving the rest away. Look at the difference between these two plants right next to each other.

The Runt

Big and Beautiful

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jean001(z8aPortland, OR)

Any weed killer anywhere in the vicinity? Including next door? Or on the grass clippings at the base of the plants?

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There's no weed killer anywhere near these plants. The grass is clean too. Early last summer, I believe that this patch of soil was sprayed for weeds. But since then, I grew a cover crop of beans late in the summer and planted rye grass to improve the soil. Both grew very well.

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