Paint's Effect on Tomato Plants

carduus(5 - NE OH)June 18, 2007

My landlord hired guys to take the aluminum siding off my duplex, and they've killed several vegetables, and injured many of my tomato plants. But the more insidious issue is all of this chipped paint, rusted metal pieces, and other debris that's falling down and mixing with the dirt. I have no idea when this place was last painted, so I have no way of knowing if the paint had lead, or what. What's the worst that can happen with paint chips near the roots of my plants? Should I be worried to the point of not eating the fruit?

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I doubt the material would harm anything that was not a root vegetable.

Still, I would be atomic at my landlord over this issue.

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carduus(5 - NE OH)

Oh, I am. He has extremely little care for the gardening process, to the point that he put 100% pure clay in all the flowerbeds before I arrived to somehow keep the basement from flooding. And about a month ago, he weed whacked half our flower garden because he thought they were weeds. I'm just trying to get through the season while I look for a house.

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