Bayer Natria Neem Oil

alpeldunasJune 8, 2013

I was reading up on neem oil, the pros and cons and am considering using it to combat the aphids I'm beginning to see. I'm also considering buying lady bugs ...I'm just not sure how effective they will be against other potential pests. I still have a lot of research to do ...

Anyway, I was reading that in order to remain effective, the process used to extract the oil must still preserve the azadirachtin in the oil. I have searched, but I cannot determine whether the Bayer Natria Neem Oil concentrate is cold pressed or if another method that removes the azadirachtin and renders the neem oil ineffective is used.

Does anyone know the answer to this? I intend to call Bayer to find out ...but it's pretty late now and tomorrow is Sunday so I don't expect to find out much until next week ...if I can get someone knowledgeable to take my call.

If the answer is no, their neem oil is not effective, can someone recommend a preferred brand/source ...or, perhaps, an alternate means to address aphids and other harmful pests? I do not want to use chemical pesticides and would like to use something that's as mild as possible while still remaining effective.

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Dyna-Gro Pure Neem Oil. Available on Ebay and Read the reviews on Amazon. Highly recommended.

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I've tried everything on aphids and by far the best method I've found is just spraying them off with a hose. If you do it consistently for a week or so it makes a huge difference! Good luck!

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