Some is leaving burned tracks on my tomato leaves.

gugesmk3July 27, 2007

Tracks on my tomato,

I have a picture on flickr below.

something is crawling on my tomato leafs and my brocolli leaves. It leaves a track and it seems to be 'burning' the leaf. I took care of a Cabbage Worm issue...but this one still puzzles me and is gettign worse.

I live in hawaii...does anyone have any insights



Image link:

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google leafminer for information--it is the larvae of a fly that 'mines' inside the leaf

I just pick off the leaves and dispose of them as opposed to throwing them on the ground.

There are beneficial wasps that help in its control.

No insecticidal control would be recommended for the homeowner.

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I picked off the badly damaged leaves and based on info from another site, I also used NEEM Oil and that seems to have prevented the leafminers from spreading to the new leaves.

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