First time tomato grower - Problems starting

flatlander_bluesJuly 31, 2012


I'm growing several types of tomatoes for my first time - Brandywine, Black Krim, Black Prince, and San Marzano. Leaves seem to be showing signs of infection/infestation, or at best stress, except the San Marzanos. They're all right next to each other so it's just a matter of time with them.

A little background: My garden is way too crowded - lesson learned for next year. I have my garden set-up on a drip sytem with a timer so over the top watering or backsplash not happening here. The peas in my garden did not do well and I suspect ultimately died due to fusarium wilt. For some reason they are still producing (nothing worthwhile), so I left them in against my better judgement. Lastly, as with many areas, it's been VERY hot and dry in IL this summer; however, I've had the entire garden on a timer so it has been watered consistently. Oh yeah, and I'm due for a fertilization tomorrow...

That all being said, today when I was out in the garden I noticed that some leaves have started to deveolop white-ish or yellow coloring, along with some browning and die-off down below. Outside of real mild cracking, no fruit has not been affected at this time.

Any idea what's going on here? Could it just be stress due to the heat, bugs, and/or fertilization needed? Possibility of fusarium wilt?

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Here is a picture of some of the die-off. What looks like a dead stem on the left hand side is actually a stick I've used for staking. On second thought, maybe that's not a good idea in the future as they are likely to carry diseases?

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One more look at a not so happy leaf...

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