Tomato fungus?

EnCagedJuly 22, 2013

Newbie gardener here its my first year trying a backyard garden. I live in Florida so i got an early start on my garden in february. Everything was going great until May/June came around. I had giant healthy tomato plants with large yummy tomatoes in late April. Then the warm weather and swarms of bugs came around and it all went south! To make matters worse a buddy of mine gave me some triple 10 fertilizer without properly warning me about fertilizer burn. I burnt up a good majority of my garden(which consists of 9 veggies aside from tomaters). I flushed all my roots and watered a lot but most of the crops were never the same. The tomato plants from the beginning had lower leaves that would turn yellow and die but it stayed at the bottom so i thought it was just old leaves dying. Eventually (as it got hotter and wetter maybe?) it spread and got worse. now whole branches were dying while branches further up, and other branches as well, were the portrait of health and had lots of tomatoes growing. Also as spring progressed some of my larger tomatoes started to rot and fall off while others were still ok (blossom end rot perhaps) When I did research it seemed like it may be fusarium wilt which I understand is like a big ole skull and crossbones for tomatoes.All of my original tomato plants have died completely now. Also I should mention I have been fighting a big stinkbug infestation but I assume its unrelated. Anyone confirm this or have any ideas or suggestions on what it is that may have killed them? I will try and attach a picture of a newer plant that is also showing signs sadly.

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Seeing one leaf provides minimal info. Not enough to diagnose a plant problem if any.

Please post an image of the plant overall.

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