Growing tomatoes in Cambodia

RatteggJuly 23, 2013


Am currently working with some local farmers in Cambodia (Phnom Penh region) to help expand the variety of vegetables they can grow to sustain a farm whos purpose is to teach young children in the community about agriculture.

Unfortunatley i am no farmer (just english speaking!) and they are having trouble with the current batch of tomato plants. Attached is a photo of the problem. I believe it is blossom end rot and i understand this is a calcium deficiency.

Please can someone confirm from the photo?

The climate here is roughly 30 degrees from 7am to 7pm, the plants are housed in a greenhouse with no walls, just a roof, watering is done daily at 730 am and again at 5 pm. Thos is accomplished with watering can to the base of each plant, or, if water permits, by a furrow running down the centre of the bed which os filled with water and allowed to soak into the soil.

The soil is not the best: sandy and quick to dry out but it is prepared with manure and rice husks prior planting.

The farmers do dig fertiliser into the surrounding earth periodically but it is done close to the plant which i believe is not the best.

Apart from this all the plants seem healthy!

Any advice is much appreciated.


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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Blossom end rot (BER)

Most commonly from erratic soil moisture levels. But since you're in the tropics, it may be low calcium levels in the soil.

See the Tomato FAQ, 2nd item

Here is a link that might be useful: tomato FAQ

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