Is this fusarium wilt?

hsupitJuly 20, 2014

Hi all,

I'm pretty sure this is fusarium wilt but would appreciate any comments before I ruthlessly uproot it. (I'm a novice gardener, first tomato plant crop here!)

The plant is a Brandywine, I noticed yellowing leaves on the bottom and some leaf curl on the top (but no yellowing) starting a couple weeks ago but chalked it up to either uneven watering - heat stress - lack of fertilizers. Having added worm cast and given it more even watering (checking the first couple inches to make sure it stays moist but not soggy), the wilting suddenly accelerated in the last 2 days :( So I fear it is the dreaded wilt...

Thanks for any input!

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Unable to diagnose based on one yellow leaf.

Please post image of entire plant.

Further, what is the potting mix?

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Hi Jean,

Thank you for your input - apologies for the delay in posting, my phone has been acting up and I couldn't take pictures.

Here is the whole plant.. The wilt has continued to go upwards as you can see.

Potting mix: about 1/4 burned rice hulls, the rest is largely soil marketed as container mix (supposed to include cocopeat with soil) plus some aged chicken manure (I did wonder if it wasn't aged enough perhaps? causing yellowing due to nitrogen? it didn't smell though when I added it).

What do you think? Grateful for any input!

Btw, I'm in the tropics so temperatures are around 80F.

Thanks again!

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Yup. It's got the AIDS. Pull it up and burn the body.

Just kidding- I know nothing about it. Just up late and feeling ornery.;-)

I'm a newbie like you, and I've spent countless hours worrying and researching when something was off with the plants, so I feel for you. My own cyberchondria (hypochondria+internet) gets transferred to other living things in the house (husband, cats, now plants) waaaaaay too easily, but 99% of the time it's nothing serious. Hopefully it won't be the 'mater AIDS- just a nutrient deficiency or something fixable. Good luck.

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I am tempted to pull it up and replace it with something wilt- resistant!

But just in case I'm wrong and it's not wilt...

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Any update on the plant?

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