Foliage color pale

HenjuJuly 6, 2014

I have 4 tomato plants in 3 different containers they are Brandywine Black and Black Karim. I started it from seeds

Brandywine Black in two different containers. One of them is about 5 gl and the other one is about 3 gl. The plant in the 3 gl foliage color is a bit pale. Before it had lower leaves curled up. My suspicion was aphids.

Different color foliage

The two plants Black Karim are in Earthtainer. i followed the manual of building Eartainer from Ray Newstead. I could not find good quality different color containers so I used white. I think the plants are very closed to each other now they have a lot of leaves and branches. The cage is not good enough to manage it.

June 5, 2014

I like Earthtainer,thanks Ray, it is very good for my plants, they have grown very healthy. Next season I will make a better cage probably PVC pipe cage. I will give more space between plants too.

These two leaves are curled up, may be caused by aphids.

Some tomatoes

Brandywine in 5 gl

Brandywine in 3 gl (pale foliage)

Black Karim

Still these plants have aphids, so should I use homemade neem oil spray? I was advised that tomato plants are very sensitive to chemical insecticide/pesticide. Is it possible neem oil spray could prevent beneficial insects such as bees?

For the pale foliage what should I do? I do not think it is a problem right now but it could be a sign of some problems. Problems could be known in the future.


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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

What's with all the missing images? From those I saw yesterday, it seemed that the containers might have been too crowded with 2 plants each.

Have you figured out the answer?

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