Think I've got late blight... can anyone confirm? (Pics Included)

ltmayonnaiseJuly 21, 2008

Hey there, first year growing tomatoes. Just got a few in pots on my terrace in Southern Spain. I went on vacation and they were healthy, came back 3 weeks later (with a friend taking care of the garden) and they're all wilted with white spots/mold, yellowing and the plants look overall pretty sickly. Can anyone confirm what this is? I think it's late blight after going through the forums and using the "Tomato Problem Solver," but I'd like a confirmation before I try to find a way to cure them.

Thanks in advance!


Here is a link that might be useful: My Sick Tomato Plant Photos

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Correction... I now think it's Powdery Mildew Disease... can anyone confirm? Any treatments available to save my plants!?

Thanks again!

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you can use 30 percent lowfat milk to 70 percent water. spray every 5 days till it subsides.

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jbclem(z9b Topanga, Ca)

If it's mildew take a look at this web site with many examples of the use of baking soda as a fungicide.

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You can also try 3 tsp baking soda 3 tsp oil and 1 tsp soap per 1 gallon water.. spray every 5 days

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Confirmed, it was definitely powdery mildew disease. I tried the milk/water solution for a few days, but to no effect. I got impatient since the plants were dying more with each day... so I broke down and bought a fungicide, which cured the white spots and mold immediately, but the plants, sadly, are too sick to recover. They're stunted and wilted and the fruit tastes a little "spicy," a sign that they're also infected. Better luck next year poor tomatoes.

Note, I'm sure that the water/milk cure works... I've read about it everywhere and many people have had positive results with it. I just wanted to do what would work the fastest and I figured a chemical treatment would be quicker than the natural remedy in this case.

Thanks a ton for all of your responses! Great community here!

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