Most kids have lemonade stands... not mine...

ccaggianoAugust 1, 2008

My five year old decided that she wanted to have a farm stand. In my driveway. I was mortified. I usually give the neighbors my extra veggies all summer long. How the hell could I justify charging them for this??? And in all honesty, it is still early for us - we are eating everything as soon as it comes it. No need to try to sell anything!!!

Long story short, I ran to all of the neighbors. Left dollars and notes in their mailbox telling them about the "farm stand." Two of them saw this and came. Bought everything but two tomatoes and two cucumbers with my money. Still wondering where my other dollars that I left for the other neighbors went.

And yet, I still had to sit in the driveway with the kids for another two hours. Every time a car passed, they held up a tomato and cuc and yelled "farm stand." I have to say that I was initially mortified. But after seeing them, my heart melted. They were so earnest and really tried so hard.

And notice the sign under my daughter's cardboard box - it says... "farm stand." Written in her five year old letters. How could you resist???

They are too cute!!!

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OMG that is adorable and I sure hope your neighbors step up and bring your money back LOL.

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I got half of the money back. The other's didn't come home until the "farm stand" was over. Curious to see what happens with those dollars and notes.

And what really gets me - this was their idea. At five and three. They really tried to sell the veggies and make money. And with the few dollars that they got from the neighbors, they didn't ask to buy toys. They actually asked me to buy more seeds and grow more veggies so they can sell them. Kudos to me - I certainly didn't raise a couple of fools!!! But hell - at five and three, shouldn't they be more concerned with their next play date that making money off of home grown veggies???

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My question is, why would you pay anyone? Let the little entrepreneurs be! They will sell. If not, they would have to figure out their new strategy!

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engineeredgarden(7, nw Alabama)

That's very nice. The kids tried their best, i'm sure.
About the neighbors holding the money....
Go to Lowes, and buy an 80 lb bag of quickrete for every one of them, then - after they go to bed - go to each one's water meter (usually below ground level)and bury their meter in concrete. They'll have to pay the city employees to come out with the jackhammer, and fix it. That'll teach them to disregard a kind note and cash. :)


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engineeredgarden(7, nw Alabama)

One more thing I forgot to tell ya....of all the ones still holding the money - pick out the one you dislike the most, and write his initials in the concrete of all of the others - before it dries. There, I feel better now! heh


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Your kids ROCK ON ROLLERSKATES!! I have a friend who's kids raised enough to buy their trampolene by making little bags with first aid stuff in them, kids were four and six. My kids? Still watching cartoons this morning, dang it! lol

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man, your kids are so awesome, ummmm......why did you pay them??? it was sweet, but they should have came because of how many times you have given them free food!! IMO BUT you know what they say about opinions!! LOL **big grinns**
and they are so adorable, and that "shyness" of hers, i bet she isn't even shy is she?? :')
then to not want toys or candy, OMG you have angels!!! do you know that!!!???? are ya gonna do a fall crop for them?? that would be so cool!!

ya, i have lazy little bugs too!! although its 105 with heat index, and notice i'm on the pc!!! LOL and i'm still hot even thought he ac is on!! LOL my poor plants, i want to bring them in here where its much cooler!!

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sinfonian(U8b A2 S5 SeaWA)

And to think her kids are only a year older than mine... hmmm. Makes mine look slow, but I've been so proud of them before now... hmm

Here is a link that might be useful: Sinfonian's garden adventure

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Last summer, I always gave the extra veggies to the neighbors. The kids love doing it. I am a single mom and I hate asking anyone for anything. But, because of the veggies we gave away last summer, we really got to know the neighbors and I know they watch out for me. I gave the money to "buy" the veggies from the kids because I wouldn't feel right taking it from them. They have helped me quite a few times and I know I can count on them when I am in a jam. Point and case...

When the schizo crazy neighbor across the street came into my backyard and took his clothes off on my deck this spring, I called the cops first, than one of my neighbor's. My neighbor was here in less than a minute. Cops took ten. Nothing scarier than being a single mom with two little kids and a half naked crazy guy on your deck!!!

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What a great pair of kids!

So what happened with the crazy neighbor?? Can't leave us dangling like that!

(and thanks for the quickrete tip, EG - I'm filing that one for future reference...gotta buy you a beer!)

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engineeredgarden(7, nw Alabama)

Holly- yeah, you do owe me a beer, especially since I let you see my melons! LOL


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CC - what cute kids!!! I think it's fabulous...your girl sounds like a true entrepreneur. She's gonna buy you a Cadillac and a mansion one day! She's all about the TCB! ;)

OMG EG - remind me not to get on your sh*t list!

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engineeredgarden(7, nw Alabama)

Yeah's amazing what little boys learn to do with their spare time, because of boredom. And....once all grown up, you never forget how to do those mean things! Hee hee


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hmmmm......sounds like a little experience there!! LOL uhhhhh watch out guys!! LOL

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Holly - The cops came and sent him home. That was reassuring. His brother is a high powered tax attorney so I tracked him down and called him to tell him what was going on. Within a half an hour, the police and ambulance came to take the mother away. And they left him. I guess his brother was more concerned with his 90 year old mother being around the brother.

About a week later, he went completely nuts. Standing in his driveway, screaming and peeing all over the place. Another neighbor called the cops and they took him away. He spent about a week in the psych hospital and than came home. He has been fine ever since.

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