Companion Plants for Broccoli/Collards

suznjn(z5 MA)August 29, 2012

Hi Everyone! After several years of not having a veggie garden I got back into it this year and have been having a wonderful time - which means I'm back to Garden Web! I have three 4x6 square foot gardens and all have done very well this year - but - I have had a terrible problem all summer with Cabbage Moths/Worms attacking my broccoli and collards. Earlier, I diligently picked off the worms as I found them. I have been able to harvest my broccoli heads and lots of florets as well as several meals of collards, but now they have taken over my collards and they are a lost cause. I have read that Oregano and Thyme inter-planted with broccoli can prevent Cabbage Moths. Has anyone tried this?? Thanks!!

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The most effective way to keep cabbage worms off your plants is to prevent the butterflies from laying their eggs. Netting works well. I have not heard of people having much success with companion plants as a deterrent.

Here is a link that might be useful: Net on brassica

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Use BT. It's organic certified and effective.

One word of caution though -- if using to control hornworms, you'll want to use it when the larvae are small. If they get big, it's not very effective. I usually use it Day 1 on my tomatoes and peppers from the time I transplant outside. That way I can protect the "children" and finding the caterpillars when the plants are large is virtually impossible.

Good luck.


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I start the season with illusion tulle netting as a row cover. This year, after I removed the netting, I put down egg shell halves around the plants. I see cabbage butterflies around but didn't have any worms on my broccoli or cabbage.

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