To all..... 'Real SFG'er's!

krintisAugust 11, 2008

After several attempts to get the chitty-chatters and topic post-hijackers to is of no use.

i, therefore, apologize (on my behalf as well as theirs) to you "new" or "long-time" SFG'ers. keep posting your "GREAT" thoughts and ideas to keep this forum as original as possible. There can never be two forums in this one room, even though some say it can be "paralleled" together. i much disagree!

but i forewarn you, beware of those smiling faces. get on your watch and remember who they are....especially some of the ones in the "Fall-Out Shelter" called: "OT" and "Chit-chat" group.

yes, i was a very, very upset with them for good reason. i did not want them to do to you what they did to me.....see link and judge for yourself!

but anyway....i hope you all still have a great time here.



Here is a link that might be useful:

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I have no idea what you were trying to say here. Maybe you should clarify. The title of the post made me think maybe you had a question or something, but your post makes me think you're trying to chastise someone while pretending to apologize.

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appologies have already been posted....enough said....end of conversation!

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Ok can we get a life already? Everyone has their own opinion and are allowed to have that. But Krintis YOUR "OT" posts are starting to get old.

"I" personally LOVE when my threads get hi-jacked. I hate when I post pictures and I get 15 replies all sayng "Oh looks great!" that gets old and boring. So again, we all have different opinions of things.

But when we want YOUR opinion, we'll ask you for it, until then, since this is such an awful forum, go away!

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