mommapMay 5, 2010

I just got home from Sam's and could not resist the Gardenia Tree-- I have a large pot on the west side of our house.. Should receive plenty of morning sun.. My question is: Will this variety make it through the Southern Tennessee winter?

The tag says " Gardenia Aimee Yashioka--

Thank you

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

Misspelling of Gardenia jasminoides 'Aimee Yoshioka'. They are hardy to around zone 8b when planted in the ground, and probably to around zone 10 in a pot. Most of Tennessee is officially zone 6a to 7a, but has been more like 7a to 8a in recent years. If you want to keep this one outside, it's going to need to be planted so that the roots have protection and probably will have to be located in a warm microclimate (near your house - maybe).

BTW, do you mean the location you have it in now gets evening sun (west side of house)?

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Thank you for the reply brandon 7--- I think I will just enjoy this one for the summer/fall and treat as an annual-- Dang it, this means my hubby is right again

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judydean(z7b TN)

I had a gardenia bush in Memphis on the west side of the house for at least 15 years and it bloomed great. It was between 2 houses, got afternoon sun and was very happy. I left that house in 2000, but it was still there. Judy

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I have had a gardenia for about three years now, the variety is called Frost Proof and it had done very well on the west side of my house.


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Thank Mary for the name-- I will be on the look-out :)

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My neighbor has had one of these on the south side of her house - in shade, against the house, with NO care - and it acts more like a weed than a tree (been there for 20+ years). But then again - I live in the valley in South East Tennessee - the weather here is strange. They get snow on the mountains - and we have weather in the 40's. I say enjoy it for the year and if it comes back then it's a little surprise for next year. :D

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