phosphorus deficiency

greenbrianJuly 31, 2008

hello people,

i have a hydrobox, deepwater cultivating with drip emitters,airstones. i started my tomatos and they were fine

in the little grodan cubes, then the bigger ones, always giving them a week organic nutient, then put in tub and started giving them a little stronger nutient solution, with my organics the grow formula is 6-4-3, the bloom formula is 2-6-6. it says on the label mix both of them together for hydroponics(ppm 1200) my solution possibly alittle weaker. for 3gallons ppm 655, ph 6. 80degrees, 55% humidity. anyways my plants are two inches tall, the leaves are turning dark purple on bottom one of them actually wilted over, some are growing new leaves but bottom one are still dark purple, i know i have a phosphorus deficency, what should i do, should i up the ppm, i have another organic nutrient thats just phosphorus 0-2-0, can i mix two different company nutrients?

what should i do, i'm getting nervous....

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jean001(z8aPortland, OR)

I don't have the answers you need.

But you're likely to receive a helpful reply at the Hydroponics Forum

Here is a link that might be useful: Hydroponics Forum

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for starters , bring your ph down to around 5.8 -6.0, and maintain that for 3 days very strictley, they will tell u if there is enough phos for them to do what they need to do. Also try to bring your ppm down to around 750 ppm at (5.8-6.0 ph ) without shocking them , and then dont raise it untill first flowers then raise it to around 1000 ppm , when they start to set raise it agin to 1250 and maintain very strickly untill u cull them.

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