Black spots w\ pics

mauritzhansenJuly 17, 2009

Hi folks,

This is my first year of planting tomatoes. Some tomatoes on two of my 10 plants have black spots, and I have not been able to find exactly similar pictures on the Internet.

My plants are in containers on my roof (mix of 7.5 gallon and 12 gallon wooden boxes lined with root-stopping cloth). I grew my plants from seed, and planted them in 50% fresh potting soil and 50% store-bought compost. I have four varieties but have lost track which plant is which. ;-) Will have to wait for the tomatoes to mature.

Image link:

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Additional info: the black spot is slightly soft and squishy compared to the firmness of the rest of the tomato. The varieties I planted are:
Big Zebra
Amana Orange
Costoluto Genovese

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How are the leaves and stems of the plants? Do the leaves or stems have any spots on them?

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