Suggestions for Medium Sized (8-12oz) Tomatoes

tsheets(5)January 28, 2012

Hi all,

I'm still relatively new to tomatoes outside what you find at the local big box stores, so, trying all kinds of new varieties.

A couple years ago, I ended up with quite a few very large varieties and find it difficult to use the larger 1-2lb varieties, not to mention the generally lower number of the ones I've tried.

So, last year I avoided the big ones, but, ended up with mostly smaller varieties. While I like some of those, I was missing the mid sized slicers/sandwich tomatoes.

Some mid sized ones I have tried are Cherokee Purple, Indian Stripe, and Bush Champion. I plan to plant Indian Stripe again this year.

Looking for suggestions for relatively productive mid-sized slicers - preferably indeterminate (heirloom or hybrid, either is fine).

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

There are hundreds of them. If you go to and type 12 ounce in the search bar you'd likely get 4 or 5 pages of listings to choose from. :)

I can recommend Supersonic, Rutgers, Champion (not Bush), Mule Team, Black Krim, Jet Star, and Carbon off the top of my head that fall into that category.


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Thanks, Dave! That's the problem - there's soooo many to choose from, and of course based on the seller's descriptions, they're all absolutely wonderful! ;-)

That's why I was looking for some suggestions. Tomatogrowers is where I will likely purchase from, unless there's something really compelling somewhere else.

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Your climate should be the primary factor in recommending tomatoes of the size you want.

Big Beef
Box Car Willie
Eva Purple Ball
Sioux or Super Sioux
Gregori's Altai

These would all be in the general size range you request. some of them are decent canners, others are good fresh. They can be sauced but IMO, these are not good choices for drying.


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Thank you DarJones! I am feeling much less overwhelmed with these lists to focus on.

These will primarily be general purpose slicing, eating, salsa, etc.. What extra I have at the time will be added to paste tomatoes and canned.

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Since you included hybrids I would try Better Boy, Lemon Boy and Orange Slice from Burpee. I have had very good luck with all three.

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I did grow lemon boy one year before I started starting my own seeds. Since then, I've been trying to focus on things I can't get seedlings for locally. Orange slice is one I haven't heard of / seen before.

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I think it was new last yr from Burpee. I raised from seed and the fruit averaged about 12oz and was round and smooth. I am growing a couple again 2012. Bought a Paula Dean kitchen scale last spring and am now an educated guy about tomato size. Tomato stories are like fish tales...lots of people guess and exagerate. A 24 oz tomato is larger than a softball. My biggest one last yr was a Mr Stripey about six inches wide, oblate and a pound and a half. I dont make a big deal about tomato taste because none are bad....some are just better. I buy the hot house ones in winter for salads and sandwiches as I am addicted.

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Better Boy.

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dickiefickle(5B Dousman,Wi.)

Black Seaman,Rutgers,Persimmon,Wisconsin 55,Druzba

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Thanks, everyone! I don't know why, but, I am leaning towards Druzba and maybe one other in this category depending on how many slots I have open in the garden.

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I LUV Druzba. Nice, sturdy plant and plenty of great tasting maters! Linda

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You don't say where you are , but I'm in Zone 5 WI and last year Abe Lincoln and Jet star did well for me.


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I'm in Central IL. Temps are more similar to Chicago than St. Louis.

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rwk_nova(7, Northern VA)

Mid size tomatoes I've had good luck with were:

Big Beef
Better Boy
Brandywine Red (Landis Valley)
Traveler (also called Arkansas Traveler)

I've heard the Moreton Hybrid is good but haven't tried it yet.

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