Hey Wildpiglet!!!

arjo_reichMay 14, 2007

If your fungus is still growing in your mulch, can I swing by and steal a sample of it to clone...before it dies off in the dry season that's coming up?

While I'm there I could give it a once over and see if I can't help you better identify it...I know it's an odd request but I have a real soft spot for fungus / edible or not.

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Ok. Come on down. I don't think there are any growing right now but I think we could make one. It would be fun to experement. I will move the mulch around and see if one grows. It should rain on Wed. I will let you know. Do you think the white dust in the mulch is the spores that makes the orange thing? Beth in Antioch.

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What I'd need is some of the mulch around where they've been springing up - need to try to get some of the mycelium.

As for the white stuff, it can be one of two things. It could be the mycelium, dried up an disintegrating or it could be the spores of the mushroom that's forming. It could also be cobweb mold but that would be a completely different strain that the orange pins you've been seeing.

What i'm really curious about is what type you have, there is only one legitimately poisonous orange mushroom that grows in the united states (Jack O'Lanterns) and even those are rather cool to see if they fruit properly - the (yellowish) spores glow in the dark.

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