New SFG need advice

francoindSeptember 10, 2013

Will be retiring and moving to NC coast after first of the year. Have always farmed a large garden with tractor but now will be downsizing to SFG. I plan beds along the property line on the side closest to the house. The beds will be two feet wide and built out of some salt treated 2x6 that have weathered outside for 10 years and are in good shape. I expect that all leaching has already occurred. The soil under the beds is almost pure sand. Pines and Oak trees grow in it better that anything else so I know that it will need lime. I plan to add a lot of peat and mulch from old oak leaves. I need all suggestions that I can get. Thanks

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The best advice I can offer is to get this book and read it thru. You will have a wonderful experience if you do.

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If I were you I would also add as much topsoil and sufficient manure that I can economically get. With your compost and the topsoil and manure mixed with the sand, the garden soil should be good to go.

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