pnw_d(8BC)July 9, 2005

Bacterial Speck? too much water? blight? all of the above? :-/


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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

Bacterial Speck? too much water? blight? all of the above? :-/

I don't see any Speck. What do you see that makes you think Speck?

But I can't see the whole plant re the other stuff.

Is the whole plant wilting, or just some branches?

Leaf color change just on wilted branches?

What's the purplish color I see on some of the lwoer leaves? For real or a photo problem?

If it were overwatering you would get wilting and then yellow leaves and then brown leaves, but the whole plant would be affected and that's not what I see.

YOu raised from seed, or heaven's forbid you bought it D? LOL

And it's the only plant of all you have in the same area that is so affected?


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Sorry to take so long to respond, finally managed to get my picture to show! And couldnÂt find where I put this picture until last evening,

Anyhoo, here is a picture of the "speck". As for the black  yes on closer inspection is it purple  and new leaves seem small, slightly rolled in from leaf edges and quite purple  so phosphorus related? I will try to post a picture of entire plant (couldn't get a good picture)  but it now has fewer leaves, as yellow leaves have all been removed. Does not appear to be wilting.

This could be soil related, as I mix soil in a number of different batches for my pots, and oddly enough three in a row (all seed from different sources) seem to be similarly affected, although Azoychka is the worst.


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