Newbie here trying to diagnose, please help!

woodnplantsJuly 20, 2013

Hello all. First off I'd like to thank everyone here, this site has been my go-to place to look for a new idea or to solve a problem.

I'm trying to figure out what is wrong with my tomatoes. Between whatever is killing the leaves and the sap beatles getting to the ripe fruit before i do, I'm very disheartened about it.(I'm in the garden twice a day,every day) I have lost WAY more than I've harvested.

I'm hoping its not Late Blight:

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More pics

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i had a bunch more pictures but its way to frustrating to post them here. 2013 and we are still rejecting pics because of size and format? sheesh

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Hello just looked at your pictures and it deffinetly doesnt look normal. Im not an expert or anything but it looks to me as if it is starting to get infested by something the curlimg of leaves usually means theres an un wanted bug. I would cut the stem that has all the bad leaves and throw it somewere very far so if it is some time of bug that it doesnt easily come back to the plant. Whenever you get the chance try to open the bad leaves carefully maybe with a magnified glass and look to see if you see anything very small crawling on the leafs and let me know if you find anything

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