Tomato Leaf Curling

kesflowerJuly 12, 2008

I posted this message in the generic tomato forum before I realized that THIS is probably where my question will get answered. Thanks

Ok, so I like it when my hair curls. I'm a little concerned when its my tomato plants. The bottom leaves are fine, the color is still a healthy green, but all of my new leaves are curling under. Is this something I should be concerned about? We don't use herbicides or pesticides. The plants were started indoors in March and have been in the ground since the end of May, so about 7 weeks now. I've got tomatoes ripening on all of these vines and the blossoms are still coming, even on these curled sections, it just really looks unsightly. Any diagnoses would be greatly appreciated.

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sillyrib(z5 IL)

Tomato leaves curling is an indication that your plants are under some stress. Too much water, too little water, too hot, too much wind. They should be fine as long as the above conditions get back to normal. It only takes one windy dry day to get the leaf curl. They dont uncurl.

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Thanks. You're right, as of 3 days later, the new leaves coming out are fine, apparently it was just the growth from last week. Its my first summer really growing a lot of tomatoes, so I guess I'm just jittery and nervous that they do well.

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