Help identifying - is it evil blight?

newly_obsessedJuly 31, 2010

Hello Experts!

I've spent hours poring the forums, web and and consulted the owner of my wonderful nursery and can't figure out what this is (I showed him the leaves from 1st pics last week, since has gotten worse).

The plant's bio :)

-It's a BW, one of 12 plants in earthtainers/SWCs (per Raybo's plan)- about 2 months old, and is at the end of the row. So far, the plant next to it is ok, as well as the rest (for the most part).

-I'm in SD where it's been unusually overcast and cooler than normal July - although we did have a big heat spell a couple of weeks ago. I don't THINK the roots are cooking but still have to find a solution to shade the containers, have a board propped up against them to provide a little shade - although this plant is protected less.

-They're on a timer, filling containers 2x day - went to twice/day when it got hot and haven't backed it up to once because they are so big - this one is 6' from soil line

-I've sprayed with Serenade 3 weeks in a row and last week used BT for the first time to nip the little green worms in the bud (pardon my pun :)

-I have a tad of BER on a couple of the other plants so used "the snack" T of gypsum in water added to watering tube at night - 2nd time last night.

-Nothing (so far) has turned crunchy brown as I see with blight. Leaves at the bottom turned with bright yellow spots then kinda wilted with some wilting toward the middle - I'm hoping the wilt is another issue???

Ideas and suggestions for remedy?

THANK you in advance for your help!!!

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Did you get it IDed? Your photos are gone.

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