Mealy Bug question

RustyJuly 31, 2012

My tomatoes have had quite an onslaught

of Mealy bugs lately.

At first they were only on one plant,

"Mortgage Lifter".

And I had wondered if that particular variety

Was more susceptible than others.

But since, ALL the plants have them

to some degree or another.

I started out using Insecticidal Soap,

But after 3 bottles,

I decided that was too expensive.

So I bought a bottle of Ivory liquid,

And made my own soap spray.

Yesterday, I discovered that spraying the plants

With just the hose

Seems to get rid of the Mealy Bugs.

Now my question is:

Will they stay gone?

Or have they simply been knocked off the plant

And will crawl back on it

As soon as they dry out?

This morning I found just a few Mealy bugs,

But I figure (hope) they are from eggs

Or whatever they come from,

Rather than the 'old' ones

Crawling back on the plant.

So is simply 'washing' the plant with the hose

An accepted way of dealing

With the Mealy bug problem?

Sure is easier!


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Thank you all for all the helpful comments ! ! !

And if anyone is actually interested,
Spraying plain water
with the hose nozzle on about 'medium'
Did just as good a job
as the insecticidal soap did.


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I'm new here and these grayish little bugs are destroying
my tomatoes! There are a great many of them on and around
my tomatoes. They are eating holes in them. I am not a "true" gardener but I did plant a couple of this year.
I wonder if these are the same bug that you asked about.
I too would like to know how to get rid of them.
Good luck to you!

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