How should I arrange my beds?

disneynut1977(5b, Sunset zone 42)September 20, 2008

I will be getting some money very soon, second week of Oct. and I will be

adding onto my raised bed collection before winter, so these beds will be

ready early spring for me. Right now I only have a 6'longx4'widex1'high bed

(2 years old). It is already filled and has been enriched and turned just

this past week (I had 2 summer squash, herbs and 1 pumpkin in it this past

summer, than tomatoes before that). Because of my garden arrangement, I will

be doubling that bed to make it a 12'lx4'wx1'h. Then I will be adding 2 more

beds 8'lx4'wx1'h.

I will be planting garlic right after I get the beds together (in a few

weeks). I have 7 types of garlic and want to do a dozen of each. Should I

just keep the garlic all in 1 bed to itself and let that bed rest (or plant

a fall crop) after pulling garlic till I need to replant garlic in fall 09?

Or should I mark out all the grids on the beds this fall and put some garlic

here and there between all 3 beds and intermingle everything else in spring

than after pulling the garlic in mid summer; do a fall crop in it's open

space and just repeat that cycle?

As for crops that I want to do; I know I want about 6-8 pruned tomatoes

(indet) these will get 2' square, not 1'. A cucumber for fresh eating, bush

zucchini, bush summer squash, snap-peas, tri-color pole beans, onions,

mixed-lettuce, spinach, carrots, collard greens, Swiss chard, radish,

eggplant, a small cantaloupe, peppers (hot &sweet), broccoli, cauliflower

and what ever I think of that will fit. I'm only planting to eat what we can

through out the season, no preserving (except for garlic). Because of the

arrangements of my beds; 1 8x4 will get less direct sun than the other 2;

maybe 4-5 hours minimum direct sun. Should I save that bed for the greens or

cool season veggies and see if I can plant them through out the summer, not

just spring and fall?

I will be having a raised bed mix delivered to me, so I don't have to make

it myself(except for my composted kitchen scrapes that I will be adding).

It's a mix of aged cow manure, mushroom compost, leaf compost. I plan on

doing organic fertilizers. Maxicrop's Seaweed and Fish fertilizer. I also

have rainwater barrels, so I can water at my leisure if we get a dry spell.

Is there anything I am missing? How would you arrange the veggies in these

beds, considering the garlic?

Thanks so much


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I would spread it about between different boxes. Garlic is a great companion plant for many vegetables and is a natural pesticide. It can help improve flavor of some vegetables but doesn't do well near beans, peas & potatoes.

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Garlic co-planting is especially beneficial to lettuce (where it deters aphids) and cabbage (deterring many common pests).

Beets and cabbage are reported to be especially good companions that benefit from this.

Tomato allies are many: garlic

Plant near roses to repel aphids. It also benefits apple trees, pear trees, cucumbers, PEAS (*this is contrary to other reports...Granny), lettuce and celery.

*Garlic doesn't seem to cooperate well with legumes (beans and pulses), peas or potatoes. Try not to plant these too near your garlic.

Here is a link that might be useful: Annie's Kitchen Garden

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reba_nc(z 7)

The only thing about interplanting garlic is to make sure not to plant it too close to anything that uses a lot of water or fertilizer. Garlic like their soil a little dry and lean. Too much nitrogen will give you small bulbs and poor taste. I am planting garlic in it's own bed again this year. I have great results planting it after leafy greens have sucked excess N out of a bed. Next season in that spot is a legume to replenish, then leafy green, then root crop. Works great so far, have fun!

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