Tomatillo wilt

jdayJuly 17, 2007

A tomatillo plant in my garden is wilting, and I have two questions:

1. Is there any way to bring it back from the brink? It had been doing well and even was bearing several tiny fruit, but now the wilting seems to be spreading rapidly. The leaves are not yellow (if anything, they're a darker shade of green).

2. Is it better to go ahead and remove the plant (if it's unlikely to be saved)? I know wilting can sometimes be caused by viral elements, and the rest of the garden is full of tomato plants. Can I prevent spread? (All other plants in the garden--knock on wood--seem to be healthy and show no signs of wilting.)

Any advice is much appreciated! Thank you!


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Yes I also have a wilting problem with my tomatillo plants.

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