4x4 hoop height?

nepatitan(5b)September 11, 2013

Hi all, last week we finished making hoops for our 4x4 sfg. I know there have been posts regarding making them but how about the correct height? We live in north east Pennsylvania and I know these wont withstand the heavy snow we get on occasion without some help by sweeping snow off (I do this with our shed as it collapsed 3 years ago from snow) As for the wind issue, what would the optimal height be for hoops on a 4x4. Currently they are 44 inches above the box which are 2x8 boards. I am thinking about cutting up an old hose to make clips for the pvc pipes as well for some extra help.


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I do not have to deal with as much snow as you but I do have to deal with winds up to 75 mph sometimes. I always cut pvc to length for desired height depending on what I plant to put in it. Generally speaking, the curved top is determined by width of frame. The taller the legs, the weaker the structure is to wind and heavy loads. I like at least 6 inches above my plants.

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