Leaf Tip Burn

aladonJuly 5, 2008

Hey guys, gals, and gurus;

I have searched the forum, but I'm still not satisfied with what I have put together in my head about my tomatoes. I am growing German Giants, Belgian Giants, and Hungarian Pusta Kolox Heirlooms this year out on my deck. I also have beefsteaks, big boys, and better boys out in the main garden. The heirlooms were growing extremely well until last week. The new foliage as well as some of the older foliage has started to exhibit burns along the tips and edges. I have examined the possiblility of nitrogen burn, but not all of the leaves are affected. I have suspended my fertilization program for now, anyway. Some of the newer blossoms are also drying up early, or dying before the bloom breaks. It started with a few, but seems to at least affect all of them in some way. It's just the tips, and it looks almost like they got too close to an open flame and burned.No yellowing whatsoever. We are experiencing a lot of hot,dry, extremely windy weather here for the past two weeks. That is also about when the problem started to show itself. If it's the weather, fine, but does this sound like any other blight, wilt, or any other kind of treatable garden disease to you guys? It's bugging me badly.

In other news, my toms in the main garden have red fruit and big green fruit. I fried my first batch of greens last night and they were the best ever. Big,juicy, and nicely sour.

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Hey guys,

I have never had it happen until this year, but I think that the burn may have been caused by watering and strong sunlight. I had always heard that water droplets could act as prisms, focusing the suns rays and burning the plants' leaves. I didn't believe it because I've been growing for many years and never seen it, but I suppose it does happen. The problem seems to have resolved itself. I have switched watering from early morning to after 5. I guess I freaked out because heirlooms are supposed to be more succeptable to disease.

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