TINY red bug

TropicalChallange13July 15, 2013

I'm growing tomatillos, and this very very tiny red bug has shown up. It seams to be harmless, but is anything harmless? It's too small to get a photo of it. It barly looks like a bug at all. It looks more like a flax seed, but smaller. It does have texture to it that makes me think it is a bug, and more keep showing up. They don't seam to move. They don't seam to react to my chili peper/garlic/neem/soap spray, and they are pretty eay to brush off, but I don't want to just brush them off into the soil or grass to have them make there way back.
Any ideas of what they could be?

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Look up red clover mite. Not a problem for plants.

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Thanks, but nope not that. Does not have legs you can see, does not converge together. Maybe a few on on leaf, but on a clumping insect. feels like a seed, pull all of them off, but they keep ending up on the tomatillo and almost nothing else.

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