Its a small world

intimidator_3(7a TN)May 29, 2007

It certainly is a small world. I was reading the AHS(American Hemerocallis Society, and yes Jeff, Hemerocallis means Daylily) email Robin yesterday and saw a post by a hybridizer from Chattanooga named Lee Pickles who happens to be an aquaintance of mine. Lee said that his place would be the subject of an upcoming Volunteer Gardener episode and that our own Marty Dehart would be interviewing him.

I emailed Lee and told him what a great person Marty was and that he didnt have anything to worry about. Lee doesnt usually feel comfortable tooting his own horn. He just posted on the Robin a little while ago though and said that in spite of his anxiousness everything went well. Seems Marty broke the ice by asking Lee to show her how to make babies;^)



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Was there any doubt that Marty would make him feel at ease? When does it air?

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intimidator_3(7a TN)

Sometime in July is all he said

Marty probably can give the specifics


Here is a link that might be useful: some of what marty got to see

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Soeur(z6b TN)

Lee was a delight. Some folks are tough interviews as they are self-conscious about being on TV and freeze up, giving uncommunicative monotone answers, like:

Me, all perky: "So, you've got a terrific operation here! Tell me, how did you get interested in [whatever]?"

Interviewee, stiff as a board: "Um... Just did, I guess."

And so forth. Sometimes it's mighty hard work. But Lee was a natural. I think he's going to come across as a wonderful guy with a great sense of humor, which he is. And his wife Jean is terrific, too, and quite the gardener.

He's breeding some AWESOME daylilies. I have this odd reaction to beautiful flowers, especially yellow/pink/rose toned blooms -- they make me hungry, because they look like confections to me, like candy or something. I was starving by the time I left Lee's. :)

Not sure of the exact air date, but it will be some time in July.


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