I'm assuming this is blight

asleep_in_the_gardenJuly 7, 2005

I've got a situation where my plant is dying from the ground up. Blight,right? Here's how I thought I'd deal with it. The plant is still in the same gallon container that it came in when I got it and I've been meaning to pot it up when I could get the time to get supplies,so assuming the whole thing isn't yellow by the time I can do it I intend to bury the blighted part completely beneath the soil level.

Good idea?

Bad idea?

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WestchesterGrower(Lower NY)

Wow, I am no expert in diseases, but I would get it out of that gallong pot ASAP. That is probably the cause of your difficulties. Good luck.

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)


Wrong. LOL

The plant is yellow b'c it's still sitting in thje original container.

Get it out of there and plants inground or a much bigger container and all will be well/

When plants are rootbound they can't get enough nutirents and oxygen and so the folaige turns yuellow.

Blight to most folks means an infection of some kind or another.


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As soon as i can get to it i'll find a way to improve on my sad situation. I'd pop em in the ground if I hadn't heard that the soil here is so bad. Mostly clay from what i'm hearing.
That's bad,right?

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opqdan(z5 NE OH)

Even planting in clay is better than leaving it in the current pot.

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Thank you very much!

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