Blossom End Rot

ivamae(ONT)July 23, 2005

This is our first year in this home in South Western Ontario. Our tomato plants are turning black on the bottom when they start to ripen. We have had a very, very hot,and very dry, season this year. I usually associated this with them being on the ground, but these are in cages and none are touching the earth. The soil was very poor and we added quite a bit of black earth, some pig manure compost and some peat moss. EVerything else is doing very, very well. We are allowed to water only every other day, but have been doing it oftener when we can. The earth does appear to be very dry between waterings. I'm presuming the city water does not have the same nutrition as good old Mother Nature. From one of the other postings I saw that it said the soil was lacking calcium and to use a liquid fertilizer containing calcium nitrate and also use a mulch. I cannot find any liquid fertilizer containing this and what would you suggest I could use as mulch that would work into the soil when the season is over. I do not want to lose all my tomatoes as we really are looking forward to them. They taste so much better than store ones that have been picked green for shipping. All suggestions appreciated


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squeeze(z8 BC)

see the tomato forum FAQ on BER
the problem is more likely to be uneven soil moisture than lack of calcium, and you can't fix the ones that have already been affected - if you can maintain more even soil moisture, the problem should resolve itself once the later tomatoes happen


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