Even after rain / water - upper leaves still wilting -

tomstrees(z6 NJ)July 11, 2005

can I just prune these brances off ? throw away - and hope for new growth ? Some of the bottom leaves are turning yellow - the wilt on top is whats bothering me - its only on the commercial yellow pear (that i bought ) that i grew from seed - the other yellow pear plants that i grew from seed i saved from last year are completely fine -

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bananalover(GA z7b)

Seems to me it could be a couple of things, one some tomatoes just tend to wilt in the middle of the day, see if it is wilting when it is cooler out, 2 you had a late frost that got the plant tips, or 3 you are over watering.
You could prune them and they would grow again or just leave them a little longer and see if they recover after you check the three things above.

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)


Is perhaps your ground waterlogged from all the rain we've received lately? I ask b'c with waterlogged soils the plants can't get oxygen or nutrients and so wilt and then the leaves turn yellow.

Also, Yellow Pear is quite susceptible to Early BLight ( A. solani) but you haven't described any lesions on the leaves that go a long with that, and EB doesn't show wilting anyway, as a symptom.

But if we're talking just this yellow Pear and the others of the same variety are fine right now then perhaps one might start thinking about a seedborne disease.

Are all the Yellow Pears being grown in the exact same area and receiving the exact same treatment?


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tomstrees(z6 NJ)

Are all the Yellow Pears being grown in the exact same area and receiving the exact same treatment?

they are all in a row in the back of my garden Carolyn; the ones on the left are ok - the ones on the right ? not so good - i have spotted new growth on one of the ones i "trimmed" - but the other is rapidly declining - i was wondering if i should keep pruning the wilted leaves ? or just pull them ~ Tom

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