Tomato Wilting?

herbalcroftJuly 17, 2013

This year we chose a tomato variety called Nyagous for our container garden. Everything was growing very well until our temperatures soared in the 90's. The tops of this variety only (planted with several other varieties) wilted. At first we thought it was because the containers were dry, but after thoroughly watering, the tops of the plants did not fully recover.

We investigated the variety "Nygous" and found out that it comes from Russia and may not be a good choice in hot climates. We live in Maine and of course never expected to have such hot weather. In any case, we're concerned hoping it's just that this variety can't stand the hot weather versus some sort of wilt. Any have problems with this particular variety? Any thoughts?

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

If the water immediately runs out the bottom of the container, it didn't moisten the potting mix.

So if the above occurred, either soak the container in a deep bucket for max of 20 minutes -- longer kills roots.

If the above isn't possible due to plant an/or pot size, set a trickling hose on the surface for 5 minutes or so to re-wet the potting mix.

Oh yes, what size is the pot? Is it big enough for the plant?

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