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bigorangevol(Nashville)May 17, 2009

Ya'll after the swap was over yesterday Rhonda, Mariandretti and I were discussing the off-the-hook cooks we have attend the MTPS and the possibility of a Recipe Book.

It may be more economically feasible to add a Recipe Page to the website but what do you guys think?

As far as the website is concerned I'm sure that Bec thinks it would be a terrible idea! :-)

We need to add an interactive Food Page to the website anyway so that we can get our food groups better organized. We ran short on meat AND veggies this time. I'm not complaining because the Deserts were killer!!!

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ladybug37091(z7 Tennessee)

Jeff, Does your banana pudding touch the pudding that was at the swap Sat? That may have been the best banana pudding I ever ate!

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Jeff: I'll be glad to help, in any way y'all need. I am a Network Administrator, so if y'all need advice on the web code, I may be able to help with it. Plus, i'm quite the avid chef taught by my stepfather (who has worked at Mario's downtown Nashville, The Prince Charles restaurant and many other 4 & 5 star places) and several friends who have been chefs for years. =)

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dlhl(z6 TN)

What if we just let everybody know to bring several copies of the recipe with them to the swap. Then we could put them on the table beside the dish and each person could go back after sampling and get copies of the ones they want. Just an idea.

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Sounds good to me. Whoever brings recipe's can also put them in a stack we have set aside for someone to make the reciper book from. :) And guess what, I work for an Ingram company (Print on demand division), so I may very well be able to get it printed somewhat cheap. I'll have to ask if that's what we all want to do.

- Steve

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dlhl(z6 TN)

Sounds great! And maybe that could be our fundraiser for the swaps. We could distribute one with each donation.

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Cool :) We should probably do this through Rhonda (and Jeff). I guess i'll await their responses to this thread.

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I always Love so many of the things that people bring to the swap, and it's always so hard to track down who made what! I think this is an awesome idea, and I for one look forward to new recipes.

Ladybug, Which banana pudding were you referring to? There were 2 there.

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Kathi I liked yours but both were really good! I'm as picky and anal-retentive about my naner puddin' as I am my barbecue. Nobody's can touch Lavonne's Mom's; that's where I got my recipe. So what, I'm kinda weird; DUH, ya'll have known that for 10 years.

Steve, I'm the one that started the thread and Rhonda was there when we were all discussing it too.

We'll have to work out the logistics but I think it's a killer idea! Ooops. I don't want to jump the gun, it's Rhonda's decision now.
(As he sings and does the Snoopy dance around his Office) It's not my call to make anymore; it ain't my responsibility. Na-na-na-na-na. :-) :-) :-)

Raise a little cash, promote the MTPS and give folks yet another good Southern cookbook - sounds like a plan.

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ladybug37091(z7 Tennessee)

No sweat Jeff, first you pass the baton, now you want a book! lol. Here is where the helping hands come in for sure. Steve, can you do some fishing and get us some numbers? I need everybody else to start printing out recipes. We may get a book or we may have to view them online. Everybody loves cookbooks. Let's hope it is feasable. I never did find Steves potato salad that I so wanted to taste. I did not find Jeffs banana pudding either. he he. I could not tell you which banana pudding I tasted that was so rocking as I only spotted one but I did hear angels with the first bite. It would probably be a good idea for everyone to bring two copies of their recipes to the swap, one to be filed for the book and one for folks to look at so no recipes are lost or covered in mud. What do yall think?

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Rhonda: I had a wicked busy week & didn't get to make it. :( I owe you some though. I'll holler at some of my friends in Operations today and see if I can get a ballpark figure. I'll figure like 50-100 pages total. Trim size doesn't matter that much & i'm sure we will want it to be B & W paperback, as case books & color books cost a bit more. That's all up to you though. I'll try to get a couple of different numbers. If we can get it in pdf format, then less time & processing will be needed (won't have to go through scanning/PreMedia department for anywhere near as long). We can worry about all that later though. I already have two recipe's at least that I want to add to it, maybe more. =)

- Steve

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maternut(7 west tn)

I do not know who made the banana pudding that I ate, but I know one thing, it was very good. May have to attend a fall swap just to get more.
PS blood sugar level still going down. Will be OK for the fall swap.

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Jan_Hobbs(z6a TN, USA)

I hope the cook book will be available even to those that don't get a chance to get to the swaps....does anyone remember the earthquake cake we had for so many swaps. The first time I took it, a man tried to trade me a bunch of plants for it...and that was before he tasted it.

I'm sure Mona will want one, too.

Think this is a really good idea.


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ladybug37091(z7 Tennessee)

Oh yes I remember discovering the earthquake cake. That is a most delicious and memorable swap dish. The man wanting to trade for it is too funny. I think it would be nice to have a little something about the swappers that submit the recipes in the cook book too. Gosh, Jan you really motivated me with that post. I think you need to make that cake and bring it to the fall swap for sure. We miss you! I've got four days off this weekend. I will be doing some cookbook research. Rhonda

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cannahavana(z7a Knoxville)

My daughter's school is publishing a cookbook for fundraising next fall with teacher and parent recipe submissions. The website is All the recipes can be submitted online and they put the book together. I'm not sure on the prices.


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canna: Hehehehe...I bet I know who prints it. =)

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