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tcosgriffJuly 23, 2012


Does anyone know what is wrong with this tomato? I'm currently treating my broccoli and brussel sprouts for cabbage worms. The tomato plants look healthy otherwise. Nothing is eating the leaves; they aren't curled, yellowing, or have spots, but a number of my tomatoes look like this. I've tried to ID it myself but none of my research turns up anything that looks quite like this. I have 20 tomato plants that are all pretty large and I'm wondering if I can save them. Any help identifying what this is would be much appreciate!

Thanks - Tara

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I am by no means an expert, but it looks like it could possibly be catfacing. If you do a search of this thread you are bound to find out more information. From a Colorado State Extension website catfacing is "a term that describes tomato fruit that is misshapen, with scars and holes in the blossom end. The cause is thought to be cold weather during blossoming and perhaps high levels of nitrogen. To manage it, avoid setting out transplants too early in the season." Hope that helps.

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