Brown black pest ID please

treehouse415July 25, 2010

I have a cherry tomato plant growing in my atrium and it looks really healthy with great fruit production but I have these little small insects that I can't seem to find anything online about.

What are they called, and even though, my plant is healthy now - will leaving these insect to roam and populate on my plant by hazardous to the health of my tomatoes?

There are quite a few of them on the stems and leaves.

ID please?

Don't mind the aphid lol

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torquill(z9/sunset15 CA)

Looks like thrips. The don't harm the plant by themselves, though they can vector viruses if there's a weed or other plant nearby that has the virus. They're best known for carrying tomato spotted wilt virus.

I wouldn't worry too much about viruses if the plant is indoors, but if the population gets too large you might consider some sort of control. Neem oil is smelly but does the job; most standard insecticides don't affect thrips much, so read labels if you do go looking for chemical controls. Lacewings are a good predator.


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Hey Allison

Thanks for the reply. I just looked up thrips and they are definitely not thrips. I was hoping that they were but my ID-ing continues.

Does anyone have anymore suggestions?

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