Diagnosis my plant please!

Kimmer111July 27, 2014

Hi there. New member here. Hoping someone can help!

I heard my neighbor watering the garden at lunch time earlier this week so I went out ask him not to water the plants. He told me he has been coming home at lunch and watering just the tops of the plants. Even though I explained to him if he wanted to water to only water the base of the plants.

The picture is leaves from one plant. As of right now it appears to be the only plant with these blight like circles on the leaves.

Another plant has blossom end rot.

All of the plants looked like they had powdery mildew And possibly aphids.

This is my first year at this apartment and I think I grossly underestimated my base soil. I think I am also having a nitrogen and calcium deficiency issue. I purchased some food with higher levels of calcium and nitrogen and planned on feeding tonight. Oh everything that could go wrong has gone wrong!

Yesterday I trimmed all of the dead and icky looking leaves and sprayed neem oil. The powdery mildew (at least on my cucumbers looks better). But I am really worried about the possibility of blight.

Any help is much appreciated!!!

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

1 spot each per leaflet makes for a tough diagnosis.
please post an image of the entire plant

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