Mysterious fungus besetting ripe tomatoes

blue_canaryJuly 25, 2010

The initial batch of tomatoes I picked from my garden were small but lovely. Now, though, as soon as they start to ripen many of the tomatoes are developing blotches that sprout fungus while either still on the vine or shortly after being brought indoors. I'm not sure what it is, but it's forcing me to use my picked tomatoes quicker than I'd like.

At least some of the blotching can be attributed to the fact that the tomatoes bruise and split within two to three of sitting on the counter. I rest them stems-up usually; should I be resting them stems down, a seen here?

Image link:

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jean001(z8aPortland, OR)

Do your plants trail on the ground? If so, likely a post-harvest rot which was initiated while still on the plant.

If that's the case, the remedy is to tie them up. If not possible this year, remember to do so next season.

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They're all caged, though the weight of the fruit has started to yank some cages up due to the cage being a bit puny. The plants these came from are all standing tall and the fruit came from the upper third of the plant.

I've had problems with stinkbugs; could they be the cause? I have to go and knock them off of the fruit every morning and afternoon. I didn't think they caused fungal damage though, just cosmetic.

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