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aqharednecks(8)July 5, 2008

This is my first time attempting tomatoes, and I have 3 plants. The one I am having issues with is a cherry tomato, and the other two, that are fine, are Mr. Stripey variety.

My Cherry Tomato looked a little curled and yellow, and I thought it might be due to the weather changing. I looked at it closely today since it seemed to get worse, and the curled leaves seem to have a silk tent holding them together, almost like tentworms do to the trees. There is a lot of little black flecks that look almost like catepiller "poop" but no bugs or eggs that I can see.

I have seperated this plant from my others.

Does this make sense? Google failed me so far, so I am hoping you guys can let me know what to do!


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Could it be red spider mites? I have aphids and in my attempt to distinguish between aphids and red spider mites, I did a lot of research; try google again, but search for red spider mites. Good luck!

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