Mystery Wilt

SteveS888July 11, 2014

This is about my 20th year gardening tomatoes (12x12 plot) and I starting having a wilt issue a few years ago. It varies somewhat by breed and locations but is now getting consistent in my heirlooms and most hybrids. Photos of this years Brandywines heirlooms are shown. I have Brandyboy hybrids across the yard and they are doing better but still have signs (that plot has similar soil and I used the same tools). I have one Better Boy in yet a third location with no tilling, treatment, etc. and it is doing the best.

I tested the same symptoms last year with the Pennsylvania extension service (full plant at end of year) and they stated no Verticullium or Fusarium. I am not convinced of the Verticullium. The leaf edges brown, then the full leaf wilts, then yellowing of the stems starts till that section dies. A few weeks after these symptoms start the major stems show �warts�. The three pictures show various views of these. The problem starts at the bottom of the plant around blossom time and moves up the plant. Yield goes down and eventually the plant succumbs. I trim the affected areas and apply Ortho, Copper, and recently Actinvate (root soak). I think this slows but does not control.

The extension service suggested walnut wilt but there are no walnut trees nearby. Plants are mulched and watered about every other day at the base. I also use Miracle grow occasionally. Sun is 6+ hours per day. Location is southeast PA.

Any ideas and cures are welcome.

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Warts are likely root initials.

Are they in pots or the ground?

Could be linked to insufficient water which then leads to a small root system.water. If in the ground, should be able to go longer than 2 days.

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My plants are in ground. I generally let the soil get dry to the push and then re-water (about every 1.5 to 2 days, every day in hotter weather). If the warts are small root initials, could the reduced water flow be from disease? Perhaps more water would be another control I can implement.

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