Boiling garlic in water. Garlic water; will it help me?

bksinaz(z9 AZ)July 12, 2005

I hear that some people spray garlic water on their plants. Is this good? Will it prevent additional fruit from bearing from the already existing flowers?

Should I add anything else to the garlic water like dish soap? Any perticular color? How much is enough per gallon?

I almost forgot to ask......will garlic water prevent those hornhorms and other insects that might be eating holes in my still green tomatoes?

When is a good time to apply this garlic spray? In the morning or in the evening? Should I also water the tomatoe plants with this solution once or twice.

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Bamiee(z7 MD)

I tried the garlic water on my tomatoes and it worked well to stop the beetles from eating holes in my leaves, I added one drop of dish soap to my water per gallon. It does smell after a while so make sure to keep it outside if you mix it and don't use it all at once. I sprayed mine on the leaves being careful to not spray on the flowers, once in the evening after all the bees and other good insects were done with the flowers. I didn't water the plant with the solution, not sure about that.
Good Luck

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