growing tomatoes

gmixon01(z8 FL)July 31, 2005

help!! just moved to florida nad tried to grow a garden this year. started with the (normally) simple tomatoe garden.

problem is when after the plants start to produce the fruit, the plants dies off very rapidly. before that, the plants grow big and look very healthy. got me so excited to see tham take off like that. then came the tomatoes and that was followed closely by the grim reaper.

have also planted some peppers, squash, and cucumbers which have been doing very well. any help?????????

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bpmac112166(z7b SC)

I'm afraid we all will need a little more information about the state of your plants. As in, did the leave turn yellow...if so, from the top, did they have spots, from the bottom up, have u had a lot of rain etc. Would be great if u could post some pics too. There are a lot of great people here who are more than willing to help but i'm betting they will want more info to diagnose your problem.

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