Seeking some instruction for starting seeds indoors

ladonJanuary 25, 2012

I would like to start my tomato plants from seed this year using a grow light system. In the past, I have always purchased seedlings, but I'd like to start my garden from seeds this year. I think it'll be cheaper and in many ways more rewarding. Can anyone recommend a link to a video or step-by-step guide to growing tomato plants from seed including specific light set-ups, soil, daily light time, etc.



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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

For starters there is lot of info in the FAQs here at GW.

GW FAQs: How to grow tomatoes from seed

Growing from Seed FAQs


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I like the videos at Grow Organic Peaceful Valley).
Johnny's Selected Seeds and Territorial have similar
seed starting videos. Specific light setups are a 4' shop light, BUT with a reflector. The T-8 Daylight, (6500k) lamps work well and use less energy than the older T-12's plus most have an electronic ballast. Good growing, R.S.

Here is a link that might be useful: Groworganic

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I have an article about this in the link below ... hope this helps ... Robert

Here is a link that might be useful: Starting Seeds Indoors

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Go to You Tube and type in tomatoes and you will find many helpful videos. I particularly recommend nctomatoman and his series of videos. You need not duplicate all of his techniques but he has many hints and kinks that are very helpful and productive. Pretty solid and reliable....almost as good as Digdirt.

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I completely understand your question. I searched Google using "Growing tomatoes from seed" and Google returned 7.6 million, yes 7.6 MILLION, hits! How does one sort through it all?

Personally, I don't do anything special. I just start my seeds and put them under grow lights in my basement after they germinate. The one tip from the internet I took to heart and it really made a difference, with all my seedlings, not just tomatoes, was to make sure there was a gentle air flow blowing over my seedlings. I use a small fan, but sometimes just run my hand over the seedlings. The air flow is crucial since the movement it causes strengthens the stems.

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stacyp9(5 Chicago)

There is a great place called Tomato ville (one word) on the web that details this at great length. Wherever you go, here are some of the most important bits of information.

Use a seedling mix to start your seeds, not a soil mix which will be too heavy.

Do not bury the seeds too deep!

It is OK to have plastic over the soil to get the seeds sprouted but as soon as they sprout, remove the cover. Excess moisture will kill your seedlings faster than anything else.

This time of year you are unlikely to have the sun intensity coming thru windows that will give you fat stocky seedlings. Supplement with grow lights. Keep the bulbs very low, just over the top of the seedlings for best results. I move my seedlings outside into a cold frame as soon as they have their first true set of leaves.

Bottom water seedlings. Moisture on leaves increases disease.

Airflow via a fan in the room or natural air currents helps prevent disease and make stockier stems.

Don't fertilize until you have the first set of true leaves and then make it very very weak.

If you get stretching due to low light, transplant into deeper containers and carefully bury the step up to just below the top set of leaves. A tall weak seedling is bad. Stocky strong seedlings is what you want.

Get the plants into natural light as soon as feasible

Plant a few extra for the times you, your pets or your kids kill things accidentally. If everything survives, give the extra plants away!

Have fun! You are right, growing from seed is way more rewarding. Plus in doing so, you reduce the chances of bringing diseases into you yard as well as greatly expanding the variety of things you can grow.

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Here are some step-by-step instructions for growing tomatoes from seeds, including videos on linked pages.

Here is a link that might be useful: Growing tomatoes from seeds

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