honey bee / fertilizer link ?

plants4chris(7)June 21, 2007

There was a thread a while back about the decline in the honey bee population. And I wondered if anyone had any thoughts on something I heard that was not mentioend there.

The other day someone told me that the reason for the decline is over-fertilization. This guy specifically mentioned corn. He said that it changes the pollen and that is what affects the bees. I was thinking the link probably was with pesticides, not fertilizer.

Anybody heard of this or have any thoughts on it?

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Corn is pollinated by the wind, not bee's, not sure what that person meant.

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I'm not sure where he got that idea or exactly what he meant either. I know corn is pollinated by the wind but the tassles are usually full of honeybees anyway. At least that's how mine is. I don't understand at all how the fertilizer would change the pollen to make it toxic to bees. Makes no sense to me. But I'm not a botanist or horticulturalist, just a gardener. Since I'm not receiving many replies on this, I'm thinking maybe everybody else thinks it's a ridiculous idea too. Which is what I was trying to find out.

Thanks for replying Justin.


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Not much surprises me anymore when it comes to a small ecosystems. There could be a direct link and we may not know for ages. If you hear anything else post it here!

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utdeedee(7A-East Tennessee)

I wasn't having many bees around my place, but now I'm covered up with them and they are working their little hearts out. I wonder to if it might not have been pesticides....I try not to use them, but sometimes you have to...

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