Is this early blight?

fairhavenranchJuly 15, 2009

I have about 6 different varieties of tomatoes growing and they ALL have this problem. We have had an unusually wet spring.

Is this early blight?

What can I do to save them? They have just started to blossom.

Image link:

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jtcm05(Zone 6 CT)

Looks like late blight to me, seeing as it appears to be on the stem also. EB usually expresses with yellowing around a bullseye-shaped mark. May be too late.

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It just started as brown specks on the plants a few days ago. It is primarily on the bottom leaves but some of them have some discoloration all the way up. Some of the leaves are just all yellow.

I am going to try pruning and a fungicide. We had an unusually wet, cool spring but it is hot and dry now.

I am up for any other ideas as this is my entire crop.

Thank you.

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Well, it seems I just got my answer.

Bonnie Plants has recalled $1M of plants due to late blight.

Google "Bonnie Plants late blight" for more than you would ever want to know about this disaster.

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