Ever had a fox in the Garden?

dvtown(6b)June 29, 2009

This morning I saw two foxes dash off into the undergrowth between our yard and our neighbors. It was pretty cool to see since I've never seen them out in the wild before. Cages at the zoo, yes, but never in the wild. I saw the first one last week in the very back of our yard. My question though is do they do any damage to anything? So far other than visually seeing them I haven't even noticed them. I really think it's kind of cool to have a pair of foxes around, especially if they will keep the rabbits away, but I don't want them tearing stuff up. Anyone have any experience with foxes that may be useful?

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I don't really have any experiences with them, but I just saw my first fox this winter. Flipped me out! It was one of those nights there was snow on the ground, so everything was really bright outside. I was looking out our front window and saw something run under a bush. I thought it looked like a cat, but man, that was a really big cat! Then it came back out and I saw the bushy tail. Wow! I watched it until it ran off up the street.

I am going to wild guess that foxes are pretty shy about coming around close to the house. ??

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I just hope you don't have any cats or small dogs around. I have seen them late at night in my subdivision. So cool to see them walk across the neighbrs yard.

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That would be my worry - pets. Our dogs are big and never outside unsupervised, but I do worry about running into a fox or coyote on a walk. :(

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I've read up a little since a I posted and foxes according to several sites don't really bother small pets like dogs and cats. One site says they never attack dogs and only rarely cats when threatened. Of course we don't have any pets so it doesn't really matter right now. Coyotes are the one's to worry about though. We had one run through the yard and I chased it off back in the fall. They are living fairly close to the house actually! There is an old groundhog hole on our slope which is about 20-30 feet from the driveway.

Here is a link that might be useful: Red Foxes

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Just in case you want to see my foxes I just write a post up about them.

Here is a link that might be useful: Red Foxes in the Garden

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