Secret Squirrel March wrap up.

beth_b_kodiak(zone 5a)March 6, 2006

I was not going to post a new thread for March as "Nuts" is almost at the end of his trip but, by special request, here we go.

There are still two unidentified treats and two unclaimed prizes. Carol still has a chance to give SS his favorite and win but everyone else will need to wait and try again next winter. If Carol does guess... I'll have Nuts, or maybe Chips pick another favorite for next year. I had a blast doing this and look foreward to a repeat next year.

Many thanks to all who took part.

BB: "Mother" of Nuts the Secret Squirrel

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earthlydelights(6 pushing 7)

i too enjoyed this swap beth. thanks for hosting. let us know when he makes it home!


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Thankyou for not saying if he makes it home. she left here today. I tried to put in everything I could find with nuts, as I waited in the p.o. line I realized I forgot two of my favorites turtles and hersheys with almonds, please tell me they weren't it. This has been lots of fun,Beth I hope you enjoy your special treat

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beth_b_kodiak(zone 5a)

NOPE Wonder how the Hershey almonds would do in pretzel smudgies?

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earthlydelights(6 pushing 7)

beth, i'll keep my eyes open for you with that hershey bar. if i don't find it local, i'll ask a friend who goes up there all the time to bring one back.

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OK Beth.....I just HAD to do it!!
I couldnt resist!!...I was wandering around one of the Signature forums and found this!!!

Laughed my butt off!! DH thinks i am crazy!
Maybe you can save him for next years swap!!...Thanks again for hosting this one! i had a great time :)
Blue Skies!!!

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beth_b_kodiak(zone 5a)

Trish... LOVE that squirrel! Love'ya for sending him too. I did have a squirrel chew up the lid of a peanut butter jar once when I was camping with my kids. We all were amazed that they could/would chew heavy plastic to get at something they want. Persistence Pays.

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Hi Again Beth ....Geeeez....hope i am not being a pain...If i am i am sorry :(
My girlfriend made these for me...they are smaller...Can anyone have too many squirrels!!

Blue skies (tomorrow) rain today....

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Trish did you find a new friend that makes graphics? we have been a graphic bunch here at squirrel swap, Beth squirrel should be there real soon, let me know how you like your special treat? Dh has taken a day off on 4-12, where should we meet? hugs carol

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Sorry Carol...hope i am not bothering folks with the graphics...There is a "signature forum" where you can request them (for free)..I was just having a good time with are some links..the pages are alittle hard to navigate at first: But pick out the pic you like and post it and ask for your name on it .

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here is one more link...these are cuties!!

OK im done,,so sorry

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I may have sent you there, that is where I get mine, post all you want I love them, of course it is up to Beth not me

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beth_b_kodiak(zone 5a)

I enjoy all the animated squirrel characters but I think the little garden fairy with the Hydranga "umbrella" is adorable. Since I have not yet learned to post photographs, I won't be trying to do the siggies any time soon, but I do enjoy seeing them.
My favorites were the squirrel eating snickers and the one with the hula hoop. Have fun and post all you want. BB

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beth_b_kodiak(zone 5a)

Hooray, the squirrley little vagabond has returned safe and sound and what tales he has to tell.I'm off work for the next 3 nights so I have time to listen to his adventures.
Fortunately, he arrived just in the nick of time as I was getting desperate for some CHOCOLATE. I had given serious thought to giving Chocolate up for Lent but let a co-worker talk me out of it. Good thing too, as Nuts came home loaded down with goodies. LOL
He does not look too much worse for the wear and, Carol, I think he is recovering well from his sex change surgery. He came home accompanied by a handsome but cold and smug looking stranger. I'll need to watch and see how things go between Nuts and "Red". The new fellow has not yet told me his real name so I'll just call him Red for the time being.
The box was loaded with goodies and I'll post more about them maybe tonight. Right now I'm off to the ice park to get photos of the work as they finish up the "Multi block Scupltures" before judging tonight.
I'm keeping Nuts and Red away from Chips until I figure out who is who and what is what. More, later.
Hugs and thanks to ALL of YOU. BB

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I want to know how your cock roaches taste, I got them special for you, did they break? a lot of them in the store were broke so I wrapped them in bubble wrap. do you agree nuts is a she now? hugs carol

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beth_b_kodiak(zone 5a)

OMG Carol, those cockroach clusters look so REAL, I'm afraid to open the package.
You were sneaky enough to reuse my return address sticker so I did not know before opening the box.... who it was from. My upstairs neighbor brought me the mail and then left. I opened the package and before she got back upstairs I was laughing so hard she came back to see what I was laughing about. The cockroach clusters were right on top and looking perfectly and exactly just like a bunch of gigantic cockroaches. They must have gome to either Florida or the Phillipines to gather them up. Chocolate frogs or everyflavor beans I would have eaten. These things I may have for a LONG time.
There were pleanty of other goodies in the box. I shall be well supplied with chocolate for a good while. I ate the M&M peanuts first. They are Nuts favorite and also one of mine so I wanted to get them before he did. Then I ate the Perfectly Petrefied Peanuts from Miss#1Angel. So glad she did not waste all those on Carol who seemed to not appreciate how "just right" they are.
Still more goodies in the box. To be continued....

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hope the cockroaches taste better than they look, they are hoggswarts cockroaches after all, you had mentioned wanting to go there, that is why I felt they were perfect for you. please tell us what miss nutsies favorites are, I thought I bought everything with a peanut in it. can't wait to visit with you. hugs carol

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beth_b_kodiak(zone 5a)

Nuts other two favotires were home made Choc chip cookies with Nuts and the caramels called "Squirrel Nut Zippers". I have decided that if I do this next year it will be Chips who goes out on the road. Nuts seems more weary than worldly right now and another long trip might just do him in. Miss Chips has been leading a sheltered life but after being here with Red and nuts for the next 6 months or so,she will probably be begging to hit the road.
Hogwarts is in a coolish damp climate and it never dawned on me that their cockroaches would be so humongous. I'm hopeing that wrapper has a very strong charm on it so they can't escape. If they get loose in this apartment... I'll be moveing out. Maybe it would be easier to just eat them than to let them escape.Huuuummm?

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I got this in an email from Beth!!!!!

Hi Trish,   
I just got back frrm the ice carving and wondered if you could post this squirrel carving on the Secret Squirrel thread. You seem to be good at that sort of thing and I thought he would be cute. He was part of a scene where a centaur was pouring tea for a bunny and the Squirrel seemed to be waiting for his turn. The title had not been posted yet as they wer still working. I don't remember ever seeing a squirrrel in the carvings before. It's a cool welcome home for Nuts. 

<img class="cursor-magnify js-enlarge" data-imgurl="" data-pin-no-hover="true" src=""  />   
TOO COOL!!.....get it?!?! "COOL"!!! hahahahahahaha!!   
Always a pleasure to help Beth! 
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beth_b_kodiak(zone 5a)

Thanks a bunch Trish. That came out pretty good. It was nice when I was there with the sunshining but it was supposed to go to -40 last night so I opted to postpone the night time pictures for a night or two when it will not be so chilly.
Thanks are still due to some other folks from this Swap:
To Earthly, "The Busy Busy Squirrels" book was a delightful addition to the box. I'm so glad you found that book and put it in there. I really enjoyed reading it. Both the original and all the added notes.Thank you.
Those of you who got to sign the book and send messages I thank also. The book will be such a neat memento of this first Secret Squirrel swap. I have quite a few childrens books that I keep and also nature books so this fits perfectly into both categories.
To Sue K who sent the adorable yellow Garden Fairy. I don't think I have any fairies so she is a first but surely won't be last. Very cute/sweet and I'm putting your name and date on the bottom. Thanks for your thoughtfulness in the midst of your busy busy life.
To Jeanette #1 Angel, I'm not yet sure about "Red". I think he looks entirely too smug to be trusted alone. Did you notice his chin, looking like he is trying hard not to break out into a full grin? It just makes me wonder what he has been up to. I must admit that he had not raided the candy supply. I did not find any empty shredded paper in there with him. I just love the petrefied pink peanuts. Red could have nibbled them without a trace but he didn't so that is good for his case. Meanwhile, he is in the livingroom while Nuts and Chips are on the big bookcase in the hall. That way if there is mischief there is only one possible culprit.
Jeanette and Carol many thanks for all the wonderful decicious chocolaty and nutty candies. I'm trying to ration them out in hopes of still being able to wear my own clothes when spring finally gets here.
To all of you, thanks for playing along and sharing some laughs that really brightened these dark Squirrley days of late winter. Hope we can do this again next year.

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number_1_angel(z5 iowa)

Hey--where can I get some of those hogwarts cockroaches????
I know a little sweetie that would just LOVE them!!
RED-as you call him-is a fine specimen of an IOWA squirrel!!
and not cold at all--maybe a little stiff-and definatly smug--he's nearly perfect you know!!
This was great fun--I can hardly wait till next year--I thought those rock hard peanuts would surely win the prize--what are 'squirrel nut zippers' anyway??? Did you make them up?? I have never heard of them--oh well--time to go home--see ya later

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I will see if the store still has the cockroaches and if so send you a couple.I don't know if they are tasty, Beth won't try them, bad Beth hugs carol

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I enjoyed your robin & happy that mr or miss squirrl made it home .
Would love to do it agin one day :)) so glad the angle arriveds safly.
today I recieved your token of our friendship thank you.
MMMMMMM good :))) love the squirrl also :))
on the mend in MICHIGAN


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I really enjoyed being in the swap! Thank you sooo much for the m&m's and the cute squirrel trinket! I'll cherish it always!


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mellen(4a/5-ctrl. IA)

Beth, Thanks for the thanks! : ) Got the thank you and candy bar from you. Great exchange that you will just have to do again next year, okay? Mellen

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I loved my squirrel and snickers, I put him with Redi my iowa squirrel, may have spring babies. Thankyou soooo much
hugs carol

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sandlapper_rose(Zone 8)

Thank you from me, too, Beth. What a nice surprise. My goodies arrived in the mail today. You were so sweet to do that.
I don't sign up often for the robins because I do some swaps with craft groups, too, but I sure will watch for another one that you coordinate. You kept everything very organized and sure did a lot to treat us. Just like squirrels, gardeners like treats, too!

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Hi Beth....

I also received my thank you today and appreciate it alot, but I have to say the thanks all go to you! I really appreciate you including me in your robin, especially since you didn't know me. But I still say again, you made me work parts of the ole brain that hadn't been worked in a long long time! lol

I'll be happy to join the next one if you'll have me, I had the most fun!!!

You're a Great hostess and I look forward to the next one!

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number_1_angel(z5 iowa)

Thank you thank you!!!! I had so much fun!! The little squirrel is going in with my angels--so tiny and cute!!
You know I am always up for one of your robins!!
Thanks for remembering me

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earthlydelights(6 pushing 7)


thank you kindly for your thanks and my package. love those almond M&M's, really the only ones i like (i'm sure true m&m afficiandos will not like that comment). they were a quick and easy side dish to my dinner of butter cake!!!!

i love the little squirrel. he's found a place on my desk with all my other little trinkets from swaps with some of my favorite people. he has other company from alaska, what with my alaskan bear, and my various glass insects from washington and some ladybugs from iowa.

thanks again, looking forward to participating in your next one.


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sandlapper_rose(Zone 8)

I didn't expect to be posting again, but when I looked at the paper this morning, there was an article about a squirrel who water skiis! I thought some of my squirrely friends might want to read about it. Anyway, I don't know how to link the site, but if you go to an internet seach site, just look up Twiggy the Water Skiing Squirrel and you can read about her.
...and I didn't ever comment on it, but that ice carving with the squirrel is so cute. I assume the carving was done in Alaska. Gee, too bad that is so far away...I'll bet it's great to see. I don't think an ice sculpture would last long down here.

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did you eat your cockroaches yet ?

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number_1_angel(z5 iowa)

Carol--where did you find them?? My granddaughter is a big Harry Potter fan--she would love some but I haven't seen any in my part of the world??!! Help!!

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