cottagedogSeptember 27, 2013

Been a Mels 4x4 gardener for years now and successful with a variety of vegetables. Wanting to turn one of my beds into an asparagus patch but have a few questions.

Frame is made of 2x6's....should I make up a deeper bed using 2x8 or even 2 by something even taller?

Have a sheet of weed control something underneath my bed (been so long since I put it down I've forgotten the term for it! lol! hell to get old!) should I take it up so the roots can go through Mels Mix and then into Mother Earth below? Reason I ask, because I know it goes against a basic Mel principle and might allow weeds/grass to come up and compete with the asparagus which I know they would hate....but read somewhere asparagus roots like to run deep.

Any advice is certainly welcomed!

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I built 3 beds for asparagus this year. 2) 4'x8', 1) 4'x4'. They were originally 2x6's but I built a 2nd layer on top. They are now 2x12. I didn't use weed block. I was told asparagus roots go REAL deep. I also put a good amount of sand in my mix. Originally from NJ & the soil was sandy. Jersey used to be BIG for asparagus! The crowns are about 1' deep.

I bought 3 year old crowns (expensive) because I was told I could pick for 1/2 the 1st season. We got some...but the beds REALLY took off during the summer. I expect a huge harvest next year.

Best of luck to ya'!

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Thanks, Mick, appreciate your advice! I'd wondered if it was feasible to put another box made of 2x6's right on top of my existing, sounds like a winner!

So, if I'm reading your post correctly your box is 12" deep and your crowns are a foot deep so they're on Mother Earth and then you filled up your box over them? And if that be the case did you fill up the box right from the git or gradually as the crowns sprouted upwards and just keeping them covered as you would potatoes?

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Yo Dog! (had to. sorry...)
I originally had the boxes 6" deep & planted my crowns with the box filled. I dug to plant them. I checked with the asparagus farm where I bought my crowns & they told me they should really be deeper. That's when I built the upper box & filled that too. Everything seemed spindly for the 1st few months, even though I did get chance to pick some, but it looks like a forest now!

I see that the forum is putting links to the words I type. (some form of advertising) That sucks! I'll be looking for another forum.

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