What hardiness zone are you? I was wrong originally!

angelady777 (was angelady on GW) - Zone 6(6)October 13, 2008

I knew I had to be wrong! Everything I ran across at the beginning said I was zone 7 until just now. I don't know why the zone maps were updated, but that's what I just saw along with this graphic:

So, that's why I changed what zone it says I am in on all my posts and on my member page. I think this will help me with selecting the right plants for where I live as well. I'm very happy I found this chart.



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Global warming? ;-)

This one puts me in Zone 7 and the old one put me in 6. Our local garden guru said we were actually 6-b to 7a so I picked the lower end of that. These zones freak me out...I go by the one in Crockett's Victory Garden, where I'm Zone 3! They've changed those zones a lot in the past 30 years!


Here is a link that might be useful: Annie's Kitchen Garden

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sinfonian(U8b A2 S5 SeaWA)

They've changed the map, cool. Thanks for the update. And in case folks want to know what zone they're in by their zip code, or download the map, here's the link...
Arborday.org Zone Lookup tool

Of course, hardiness zones don't tell you nearly the whole story. Like I'm in 8-9 here in the PNW, but my climate is radically different from coastal Texas.

Better results comes from looking at three different zone destinctions. My "zone" above is U:8b A:2 S:5, for USDA (arborday), A for American Horticultural Society heat zone 2 which means we get about 7 days of hot weather (over 86 degrees) a year compared to Texas' 170 days, hehe, but we're both zone 8-9.

A link for AHS is AHS Heat Zones

And finally, I like to compare my clmiate with others so the Sunset Climate Zones, which tells me I'm closer to the United Kingdom than Texas for climate. So that allows me to order seeds from England if I so choose. Here's their website.

Sunset Climate Zones

Just thought I'd share more resources to add my 2 cents to Angela's great post.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sinfonian's garden adventure

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ROFL, thanks for the links Sinfonian. BTW, the Sunset map has Portland and Eugene on it in Oregon, but not Salem, the capital. Sigh, we are so ignored.

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I didn't know the maps had changed so that moved me up to zone 8. Thanks for researching that info!

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angelady777 (was angelady on GW) - Zone 6(6)

Granny - LOL! It probably is global warming, huh? What a difference to go from 3 to a 7... yikes!

Sinfonian - Awesome additions to the thread! Thanks so much! I think all this can be pretty overwhelming sometimes, so thanks for doing such a great job simplifying it as much as possible.

Carolyn - I know! A lot of maps of Texas don't show our capital, Austin, either.

Betty - I just happened upon the info, but was glad I did and am very glad to share it! :-)


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Isn't it the USDA map that most people generally go by? I only ask, b/c this is the arborday.org map. Wouldn't that be it's own thing, like Sunset does? As far as I know, I'm in USDA 5 but shows 6 on the arbor day one. I tried to do a quick search for a USDA map, but they're so small, I can't pick out where I am - (I guess I'm lost!) - since there are several zones in the area.

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i've always been a 5. but now i'm a 6 acording to that. and 7 to the heat. 35 to the sunset, what the heck does all of that mean?? i do like the fact that i''m not a 5. but it just means that it's gonna be warmer in the summer, and i don't like that.

on the heat part, you can put in your zip, if you go all the way to the top. click on all of sinfonian's links.

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